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Experimental plateform

The Metatron

This is an ecotron dedicated to the study on experimental populations inside semicontrolled environnements. This unparalleled equipment is located on the Commune of Caumont in Ariège (France). It comprises 48 units or populations cages, each stretches 100-m² times 2-m height, where we can manipulate climatic conditions (temperature, humidity or solar radiation). Cages are connected by corridors which allow species to freely migrate from one environment to another. This apparatus is used to study the climatic effets on the functionning of ecological systems , especially in the framework of the global warming. Procedure to access Metatron

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Metatron from the sky
©Quentin Bénard


The Metatron is one of services provided by the research infrastructure ANAEE for experimental manipulation of managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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The greenhouses
750-m² greenhouses comprise 12 separate cells where climatic conditions are monitoring.
Procedure to access greenhouse facilities
The aviaries
520-m² aviaries are under construction and will be achieved for the spring 2013.
These will comprise 48 separated aviaries with an 1-m² indoor part and a 4-m² outdoor part, plus 12 other aviaries up to 12-m²outdoor.
The indoor parts will be equipped with an automatic system for data capture using video and sensors.
The lab facilities
SETE is equipped for Molecular Biology, cell Biology, Physiology, and for surgery.
Animal Houses
SETE offers all facilities to breed Invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, an reptiles.
The caves
Two natural caves are converted for the research on cave species like Proteus anguinus which is bred since the beguining of the 50th.
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Greenhouses and host bulding
©SARL d’architecture Calvo Tran Van / BET OTCE

 The host facilities
For meetings and teaching, 95-m² conference rooms are available with a capacity of 80 people, allowing also University classes to be held at SETE.
The bulding includes also a 70-m² dining hall and 28 hotel rooms.
2 two-roomed apartment are also in use.
In addition, several cars are available for professional trips.

Procedure to access greenhouse facilities

The greenhouse facility is managed by a committee of users composed by SEEM station members and external members. Please contact Olivier GUILLAUME for (...)