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From theory to application : conservation and land management


We are interested by all applications to conservation and management that our research can potentially generate. They rank from emergent epizooty, to water resources, to viability analyses, to landscape management, to biodiversity and ecosystems. We are just giving here a short overview of this interest. 
 Amphibians are undergoing an epizooty at the global scale due to a fungus (chitrids). The Pyrenees are currently being invaded and our laboratory is involved in the study of its progression. 
 Water resource and its use is of great concern for human well being, especially in the context of global warming. The laboratory is involved in long term studies of water resources in the Pyrenees. We study the effect of micro-hydroelectricity on both the rivers water eight and biodiversity as well as the effect of global warming on evapo-transpiration. In the same way, we study the effect of global warming and pollutants on fish communities in many rivers basin. An observatory of a river basin entire ecosystem is currently developed. Governmental and private water agencies are partners on these conservation research actions. 
 The connection of nature preserve through what is called the green and blue networks are a major goal of national and European conservation planning. In this context, we developed modelling tools which can from real landscape study the best organisation and networking of habitats of interest for almost any type of species. A multi-species version is currently at work. Because for most sensitive species basic information on their life style (especially dispersal) are lacking, we also develop methods that enable with a minimal of acquired information (behaviour, genetics) to study species viability at a landscape level.
 We will also develop soon models which permit to study the interaction between biodiversity and economy such that to produce better tools for land management. 
Researchers involved in these projects : 
Fabien Aubret, Michel Baguette, Simon Blanchet, Jean Clobert, Géraldine Loot, Michel Loreau, Virginie Stevens