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Announcement workshop

The workshop will consist of lectures and discussion sessions and is organized by the ANR MEMOSTRESS project of Vincent Colot (IBENS Paris), Olivier Loudet (INRA Versailles) and Tom Van Dooren (iEES Paris). The lectures are open to everyone interested. Please contact Tom Van Dooren for additional information (

Wednesday March 8 18h-19h Jurriaan Ton (University of Sheffield) "Exploring the epigenetic basis of plant immune memory" Thursday March 9 9h-10h Jason Wolf (University of Bath) "How relatedness transforms ‘non-heritable’ social environments into components of quantitative genetic variation" 14h-15h Vincent Colot (IBENS Paris) "Transgenerational epigenetics : lessons from plants" 16h30-17h Koen Verhoeven (NIOO Wageningen) "What is the evidence for multi-generation inheritance of environment-induced epigenetic effects ? An update from apomictic dandelion research" Friday March 10 9h-10h Bram Kuijper (University of Exeter) "The evolution of parental effects in the face of conflict and competition" 10h30 - 11h30 Etienne Danchin (TULIP Toulouse) "Heredity and evolution"