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JACOB Staffan

Postdoctoral researcher in Evolutionary Biology Contact : Station d’Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS USR CNRS 2936, 09200, Moulis, France

My interests lie in understanding how life history traits evolve as a result of organism interactions with the biotic and abiotic environments.

I’m firstly interested in evolution of cooperation and dispersal and especially how individual heterogeneity in dispersal and cooperative behaviors has evolved and can be maintained. Using Tetrahymena thermophila as a model species, I study information-based dispersal behaviors, effects of dispersal and cooperative heterogeneity on meta-population dynamics, and evolution of cooperation within heterogeneous environments.

In a second project standing at the interplay between behavioral and microbial ecology, I investigate the effects of microorganisms on animal life history traits, and how animals respond to the microorganisms they are affected by to maximize their fitness. Using birds, and particularly great tits (Parus major), as model species, I test the effects of the microbiome on host phenotypic traits, investment in reproduction and nestling development. Particular interest is devoted to the effects of microorganisms on traits implied in signalization, and on the strategies that birds develop to deal with their microbiome (immunity, antimicrobial behaviors, maternal effects).

In a third project, I investigate animal communication. Especially, animals often use multiple signals, and the question of “why such a complexity” has been, and currently is, an important question for evolutionnary biologists. I study the evolution of multiple signalling in the context of parent offspring communication and mate choice in birds, with questioning the function of those signals, and the methods needed for their study.