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Procedure to access greenhouse facilities

The greenhouse facility is managed by a committee of users composed by SEEM station members and external members. Please contact Olivier GUILLAUME for information and booking. A description of the research project and technical requirements will be required (number of 40m² greenhouse cells required, environmental conditions range, etc.). 

Greenhouse technical aspects :
_ 12 cells (6.18m by 6.50m)
3 aluminium articulated benches / cell
_ cell temperature can be regulated by
compensatory heating (for cold weather)
 roof panels allowing air flow when opened
 shadowing ceiling panels that can be deployed
air cooling
_ Light
 High pressure Sodium lamps are available in 6 cells
_ Watering and technical support for experiments are at the discretion of users

And remember that lodging and complementary experimental facilities (molecular biology lab, chemistry lab, etc.) are available at SEEM station…