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Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
UMR 7205 Institut de Systématique, Evolution et Biodiversité

Contact : Station d’Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS
Route du CNRS F-09200 Moulis
Tel +33 5 61 04 03 80 Fax +33 5 61 96 08 51


  • Graduate (Zoology), University of Louvain, 1981
  • PhD (Zoology), University of Louvain, 1992

Career positions

  • Lecturer then Professor, University of Louvain, 1995-2007
  • Professor, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris), 2006-

Research interest

I am particularly interested by the role of dispersal in metapopulations and metacommunities. My objective is to seek how individual variability in dispersal moulds metapopulations and metacommunities and drives their dynamics and evolution, and what this means for biological diversity. Current research projects focus on (1) the genomic of dispersal phenotypic variation, and its consequences on metapopulation dynamics using artificial selection and experiments in mesocosms, and (2) the modelling of dispersal in fragmented landscapes.

Recent publications :


  • Clobert, J., Baguette, M., Benton, T.J. & J. Bullock. Dispersal Ecology and Evolution. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2012)

Papers (2010 - )

  • Chaput-Bardy, A., Ducatez, S., Legrand, D. & M. Baguette. Fitness costs of thermal reaction norms for wing melanisation in the large white butterfly (Pieris brassicae). PLoS One, in press
  • Ducatez, S., Humeau, A., Congretel, M., Fréville, H., & M. Baguette. Butterfly species differing in mobility show different structures of dispersal-related syndromes in the same fragmented landscape. Ecography, in press
  • Flavenot, T. Fellous, S., Abdelkrim, A., Baguette, M. & A. Coulon. Impact of quarrying on genetic diversity : an approach across landscapes and over time. Conservation Genetics, tentatively accepted
  • Legrand, D., Chaput-Bardy, A., Turlure, C., Dubois, Q., Huet, M., Schtickzelle, N., Stevens, V.M. & M. Baguette. Isolation and characterization of 15 microsatellite loci in the specialist butterfly Boloria eunomia. Conservation Genetics Resources, in press
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  • Travis, J.M.J., Delgado, M., Bocedi, G., Baguette, M., Barton, K., Bonte, D., Boulengeat, I., Hodgson, J.A., Kubisch, A., Penteriani, V., Saastamoinen, M., Stevens, V.M. & J.M. Bullock. Dispersal and species responses to climate change. Oikos, 122 (2013), 1532-1540.
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Chapters (2010-)

  • Baguette, M., Clobert, J., Schtickzelle, N. & V. Stevens. Populations locales, dispersion et métapopulations, In Sciences de la Conservation. Ed by Gauthier-Clerc M., Mesleard F. & J. Blondel, De Boeck Université, Bruxelles (2014)
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