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Procedure to access the Metatron


The metatron is at present run by a local committee composed of a member of the CNRS Environment Institute (INEE) (currently Yvan Lagadeuc, responsible for the big infrastructure projects at the CNRS), members of other experimental research stations ( Serge Aubert – Grenoble-, Jean-François Le Galliard –Paris-, Jérôme Chave –Toulouse-) and two members of the SEEM station (Michel Baguette and Jean Clobert). The composition of this committee will change at the end of the year with the development of the infrastructure ANAEE-S (see other attached document describing the ANAEE-S infrastructure). The main change will be the addition of at least two non-French researchers. 

This committee will meet every 6 months (January, August) to examine submitted proposals to select and define priorities.

Proposals have to be submitted to Jean Clobert (Station d’Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS a Moulis USR 2936, Moulis, 09200 Saint-Girons, France, tel : 33 (0)561040369, E-MAIL : Outside the scientific interest and questions tested, the project should have to present the technical aspects (number of cages needed, type of plant/animals, need for laboratory and breeding space, staying requirements, etc).

Proposals will be first examined for their scientific qualities, for their willingness to participate to running expenses (30.000euros/year), and for their complementarities with other projects. The committee will then enter in contact with the leader of the selected projects to examine all these aspects including technical ones. Based on all these information, the committee will make its final decision.